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Send an email asking decision-makers at lagging companies to expand their cage-free egg commitments to include all hens and consumers around the world. 

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Promote International Equity in Your Cage-Free Egg Commitment!

I appreciate your company’s policy of addressing the animal-welfare and food-safety concerns associated with confining laying hens to tiny, crowded, barren cages in some global North countries, but I am disappointed that your company has yet to address the same issue elsewhere. Concerns for animal welfare and food safety do not end at the borders of global North countries. Acting as if they do ignores the voices and needs of concerned people in the global South. Excluding consumers and animals in the global South from corporate social responsibility is inequitable and unacceptable.

Your current silence on cage-free egg standards for hens and consumers globally perpetuates international inequity.

I urge you to address laying hen welfare standards throughout your global egg supply chain by pledging to source 100% cage-free eggs globally by 2025 for all operations, with annual progress reporting and translations of your global cage-free egg commitment into all markets’ majority languages.


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