Urge Connecticut lawmakers to support climate-friendly food purchasing.

Dear Esteemed Members of the Joint Environment Committee,

The undersigned Connecticut citizens urge you to support a climate-friendly food purchasing policy that would position the state as a leader in climate policy, enabling Connecticut to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the food that state agencies purchase (e.g., food served in government buildings, which may include capitol cafeterias, correctional facilities, hospitals, and state university dining halls).

Connecticut voters care deeply about sustainable purchasing that advances climate-change mitigation, public health, and the responsible use of taxpayer dollars. By instituting a climate-friendly food purchasing policy, Connecticut could reduce its food-related greenhouse gas emissions and promote the health of citizens who rely on meals served in public facilities—all while potentially saving public funds.

Connecticut has purchasing power that can shift supply and demand, as state agencies spend over $20 million per year on food specifically. But no policies exist to track related emissions or to ensure that the state’s purchasing is aligned with its climate objectives. 

Accordingly, the undersigned Connecticut citizens strongly urge the Joint Environment Committee to support a climate-friendly food purchasing bill in the 2023 legislative session to better our future.