Your Help Is Needed to Give Service Members in the U.S. Military Access to Plant-Based Meals Ready to Eat


The U.S. military does not offer any plant-based meals ready to eat (MREs), even though service members want plant-based options. The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act can address this.

When service members are in combat or other demanding situations where cooking facilities are not possible, the U.S. military provides individually packaged MREs. Although MREs are an important resource for service members, only 17% are vegetarian, and no plant-based MREs are available

This year, Mercy For Animals conducted a survey of 226 service members from all branches of the U.S. military. We found that a whopping 81% of those surveyed believed the military should provide more plant-based options, with 69% saying there needed to be plant-based MREs. Over half of those surveyed also said that, if given the option, they would choose plant-based MREs over animal-based ones.

Urge your member of Congress to require the military to offer plant-based MRE options.

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