Stop a Dangerous Bill That Could Wipe Out Hundreds of Animal Cruelty Laws


The Exposing Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act is a cleverly named piece of legislation with a dangerous goal. The bill threatens the most basic protections for farmed animals and was just introduced in Congress.

The act is designed to wipe out existing state laws that ban the cruel confinement of egg-laying hens, mother pigs, and baby calves used for veal. If passed, it could also destroy hundreds of other protections against the worst cruelties, such as abuse of dogs in puppy mills, killing animals for the wildlife trade, and painful experiments inflicted on animals for cosmetic testing. It could also undermine state laws on a vast range of concerns, including pesticide application on fields, arsenic in food, protection against lead poisoning, chemicals in baby-food containers, pollution standards for spraying sewage on crops, flammability standards for cigarettes, and child labor.

The members of Congress who represent your interests need to hear from you! Please contact your senator and representative and urge them to oppose the EATS Act, S. 2619/HR 4999. Tell your lawmakers that this legislation would have devastating consequences for animals and people.

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